Zoomin TV, The Netherlands / May 2021

In the Know /  2019

Ocean Drive Magazine Hosts Annual Women of Influence 

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort  / June 2019 

Photography by Pavle Janiic 

N E W  Y O R K  P O S T  "Extraordinary People", NYC / Aug 2018

Video shot and edited by freelance film maker Fanny Texier, uploaded to Extraordinary People video channel by The New York Post. August 2018

M A N   R E P E L L E R   Blog / Apr 2018


B E Y O N D , The St Regis Magazine / Fall 2014

R T L German TV Blaue Frau  / June 2014

T H E  O P R A H  Magazine NYC / Oct 2010

N Y L O N  Magazine Mexico / Nov 2010

D E  M O D A  Online Segment w/ Carleth Keys NYC / June 2010

T E L E M U N D O TV 47 New York w/ Nadia Torres, NYC / Aug 2010

V O G U E  Italia Online / Feb 2010

N E W  Y O R K Magazine, NYC. Feb / 2008


C I T I Z E N  K  Magazine, Spain. Spring  /  2005

E S T A M P A S  Magazine, Venezuela / Nov 2005

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