"This shade of Blue, for me, 

is a transcendental state." 

I catalogue my journey 

on this earth with this color.



Everyday, all day this color permeates and touches every aspect of her life.

"Influenced by a career in high fashion, VALBLV invites us to explore the depth of a color scheme with a monochromatic constant. Deep in hue and provocative in nature, her work explores the notion of self-expression through a lifelong commitment to her craft."  

Text by @davidwilliamcarson


Constantly searching for knowledge by being curious. 

Abstract paintings, figurative drawings, decor, trompe l'oeil, shoe design, creative direction, graphic design, photography, intuitive astrology and reflexology are just a few of the things I like to do well.


In addition to my own work, I enjoy collaborating with creatives who like to push boundaries - from creative directors at high fashion companies and advertising agencies all the way to individual artists. 

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